AMD to launch Windows CE based PC

PicNext week CPU chip maker AMD is set to launch a cheap PC based on the Windows CE kernel with Windows XP extensions. The idea behind the Personal Internet Computer (PIC) is to introduce a cheap internet appliance in India, Mexico, China, Russia and Brazil that provides an affordable mechanism to connect to the internet. The PIC will sell for $249 with a 15″ VGA monitor or $185 without and will be sold through local ISPs in the countries in which it is offered. AMD said the offer could eventually be extended to North America and the EU.The device is about the size of a tissue box and runs on the AMD Geode at 366 Mhz and only consumes 1 watt of power. The PIC comes with 128 MB of memory and a 10 GB 3.5″ hard disk. The WinXP extender will allow the PIC to access some Windows XP applications from within the Windows CE environment. The PIC is part of AMD’s commitment to provide 50% of the world’s population with internet access by the year 2015.(via Internet News)