Deloitte’s VoIP Survey

Deloitte has conducted a survey of 131 businesses from the Global 2000 companies and got their views on VoIP. The key findings show that by 2006, over two-thirds of all Global 2,000 companies will have started deployment of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to the desktop. Other findings around enterprise VoIP deployment include:

  • The overwhelming driver for VoIP amongst respondents is cost reduction. Eighty-four percent of companies polled regarded cost reduction as a key driver
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  • Beyond cost, VoIP has the potential to transform enterprises’ call centers, offshoring operations and telecommuting tools.
  • Seventy-nine percent of early VoIP adopters are either ‘mostly’ or highly ‘satisfied’ with the technology to date.

Clearly corporate America is not thinking too creatively about VoIP, because none of the VoIP companies have offered them anything other than “old wine” in a new bottle.