PDA software producer moves to phones

Handmark is a big name in PDA software – a platform that by many accounts is disappearing. This is an interesting account of how Handmark is courting the mobile phone software market, and why they skipped over the obvious entry points to launch a study aid as their first product. The company is now looking at licensing TV listings. “TV is another thing teens care about,” said Doug Edwards, Handmark cofounder. “Maybe not as much as they care about getting into college — or maybe more.” No matter what you’re trying to push, everyone seems to feel teens are the biggest market.
Rafat: A similar challenge faced Vindigo, when it had to change its business models from PDAs to mobile phones, and it has done that with some success. The company was bought out by Japanese mobile content company For-Side, and hopefully the synergies will work out for them…
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