Is T-Mobile Going EDGE?

Is T-Mobile USA finally going to catch up with times and start an EDGE service? If you are a T-Mobile customer, which means a Catherine Zeta Jones groupie, you have been wanting an answer to that question. I know a lot of people who have been considering switching to Aingular because it has EDGE and UMTS. Dude why would you buy a Treo 650 if it doesn’t have at least EDGE. This must have T-Mobile worried. And hence the EDGE move….This morning, scanning through tons of press releases, I came across this one from Ericsson which has extended its contract with T-Mobile USA.

To enhance network quality and capacity, and support customer growth and demand for GPRS and EDGE data services, Ericsson will provide GSM 1900 MHz wireless network equipment and network deployment, system integration and support services in 18 strategic T-Mobile USA markets — including Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. — in which Ericsson equipment is already installed.

I got in touch with T-Mobile, and their spokesperson said, “We have not announced details for EDGE and which markets it will be deployed in.” I have a feeling Ericsson might have let the cat out of the bag.