No Skype-Siemens Gear in US

All of you US residents who have been lusting for that USB-adapter, Siemens Giga handset combination that has been the buzz of the web, well I have some bad news for you: you will not get it. Not today, not today anytime soon. Why? I asked for a review unit from Siemens folks and here is what their PR person emailed me back: “Siemens doesn’t have review units for this product, since it is not going to be available in the US market. I’m sorry we aren’t able to help.” Now if I am Skype, or Skype’s investor, I better find a way to get a similar contraption out in the US , which still remains one of the hottest market for Skype-service. Not having this device means, that making money from Skype Out service is still going to be tough.