Business 2.0 December Issue is out

The new issue of Business 2.0 is out, and it is our annual issue on How to succeed in the coming 12 months. I have three articles in this issue, and hopefully you all will be able to read them. I know quite a few of you are subscribers, so I am counting on your feedback.
1. Escape from Silicon Valley: Broadband is inspiring refugees from tech’s meccas to build businesses where the living is easy and startup costs are low.
2. The office phone meets P2P, a short piece on VoIP start-up, Popular Telephony and their enterprise product offerings.
3. Home Entertainment to go: Think Shifting Places, instead of time shifting. I think this is the next big wave of innovation in the valley (though who knows which business model will succeed.) Sling Media, Orb Networks and a handful of others are part of the story and the trend.