Keep It Simple and It Sells

Business 2.0: For the latest edition of Converge Sense, I went down to the mall and had some interesting findings.
For Silicon Valley, Christmas has nothing to do with jolly old Santa or Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. Instead it’s all about the Ben Franklins — and any company that fails to get its share of this season’s spending orgy can expect a lump of coal come earnings season. The past 12 months have seen tech-industry hype about all sorts of convergence products — digital cameras, smartphones, MP3 players, and newfangled voice-over-Internet-protocol phones that make calls over the Internet a breeze. Digital video recorders got touted, as did DVD burners. So what’s hot? To find out, this weekend I took a little trip to the mall and, of course, to the Apple (AAPL) flagship store in San Francisco. Here’s what I found: While not many were keen on buying Apple’s chic computers, there were lines of people snapping up the magical iPod. I have a sneaking suspicion that Steve Jobs & Co. are about to have their best season ever. Continue reading at Business 2.0 website.