RAZR Burn and OS-X Sync Hack

v3_cing.jpgThis evening on my way walked over to the Cingular store to take a look at the new Motorola RAZR, which is all the rage with hipsters and the likes of Gwen Stefani these days. Anyway no where to be found. As I booted up my email, I found three messages of people complaining about poor interface, increased incidence of dropped calls and general rancor. I pinged a few buddies in India who have had the phone for a while, and they also complained about a few dropped calls. I guess Motorola quality issues are still a bit of a problem. Marc, who is a might fine gentleman sent me a good tip this morning which got me started on the whole RAZR thing anyway. He has figured out a way to Sync it with OS-X.

The phonebook is somewhat primitive and synced with iSync but only by first names, no emails, and no Bluetooth for Syncing. I found a program for $10 called OnSync (Mac only). I think it sort of fools the RAZR into thinking its being used as a modem and then allows flawless syncing via bluetooth, e mails and all. I was somewhat impressed.