Marc Orchant review of ResultsManager

Going along with the current theme of MindManager topics I was searching around and went over to Marc Orchants’ Outlook on Productivity and found he had reviewed ResultsManager for MindManager.  ResultsManager is a Getting Things Done add-on allowing you to implement the GTD methodology within MindManager.  Marc says it best:

ResultsManager automates the process of using MindManager maps for GTD, allowing me to focus on the work itself and not the management of the data itself. That’s important. I have, from time to time, become so caught up in the "how" of GTD to really reap all of the benefits of actually "doing" GTD. Read any online group list or discussion forum and you’ll find a number of folks wrestling with that particular question of focus.

After reading Marc’s review I have GOT to get MindManager working for me somehow.