Apple Phone Biz is a Joke

No really! Apparently, a prank story on a spanish language website, Canal PDA, indicated that Apple was going to set up its own mobile carrier business. Low and behold, like everything that is Apple related, the news spread across the blogs, and even major Mac enthusiast sites like MacMerc, MacDaily News, Apple Insiders and several others fell for this one. It was actually a joke of a story.

On December 28, most Spanish-speaking countries celebrate the Innocent Saints Day. Besides hanging little paper dolls from the back of victims’ overcoats in the street, it is customary that newspapers and other media publish a fake and usually weird news item, as a joke to share with their audience. Yesterday, joined this time-honoured journalistic tradition, posting a story about a supposed project by Apple Computer to become a mobile phone carrier. Of course, such information was completely false, to the point of including statements by an Albert Slope, Apple’s VP of Mobile Platforms and Services, whose name was just the Spanish translation of’s publisher, Albert Cuesta. Both Apple’s project and the technical details in the story were completely faked by our editors.

Now this should be a warning for all of you – don’t believe everything you read in a blog!