2005, Year of the Four Play

Back in November, I had come-up with a tiny little phrase: four play. It involved phone companies offering video, wireless, voice and data in one package. And cable companies adding wireless to their already triple play packages, offering consumers a single bill option. Anyway looks like that others have finally decided to agree with me. Mark Evans predicts that 2005 will be year of “Quadruple Play” especially in Canada, where Rogers and Telus are wrestling each other for bigger market share. “At the end of the day, the value in a commodity-type service is excellence in customer service,” says Telecom consultant Mark Goldberg. Telecom consultants, iDate predicts that this could be happen in the US in coming months. There is word that T-Mobile might be working with a couple of cable companies, while Time Warner is now in talks with Sprint to add the wireless component to their triple play offerings. Well little four play doesn’t hurt!