Have some Hamachi

I stumbled upon this rather interesting peer-to-peer application, code named Hamachi. Hamachi has been developed by Applied Networking, a company located in Vancouver, Canada. The program is a mediated peer-to-peer software. Install it on two computers and you can easily browse and share files between two computers. It works over broadband connections and is currently in beta phase. I would love to totally dig into this but since this is PC only, I cannot really dig into the software. If you have two or more Windows-based computers, it would be worth checking out the software. I am fascinated by products like these. I have written in the past about Grouper and Clever Cactus, and this one is that same genre as well, except it seemingly gives access to the full computer. (Download the Beta.) I got an email from one of the developers, Alex who writes, “I can assure you that BSD/Linux version is in works and should be availble in few weeks. While it will not be as good-looking as Windows one it will nevertheless be fully functional.”