LokiTorrent Takes on Hollywood

LokiTorrent, one of the many Bit Torrent hubs currently facing the ire of Hollywood has decided that it is going to fight its tormenters. I think their decision to battle MPAA is going to become cause celebre amongst the digerati, even as other BitTorrent sites are being quietly shut down under pressure from Hollywood dons. The Register reports that LokiTorrent has vowed to press on and face the studios in court and has raised $22,000 in donations and is seeking a total of $30,000 per month for its defense. ‘If you’ve ever benefitted from this site or file-sharing in general, now is the time to show your support. We are looking at a cost of $30K per month in fees,’ reads a message on the LokiTorrent site. ‘Help us fight back and ensure your right to share doesn’t end here.’