Bandwidth spells doom for OS

It is nice to finally meet a kindred soul. Mike in a well articulated essay points out that as broadband becomes more prevalent and bandwidth to the home increases, the operating systems and computers as we know of them today will become irrelevant. with Longhorn, Microsoft is trying to perpetuate the days of local computing, and I feel they are moving in the wrong direction. Like an off-balance fighter, the first time a company starts punching in the other direction, the momentum is likely to shift to the other fighter – in this case, cheaper, better-prepared applications such as Linux, Firefox, and other Open Source applications available for free.

However, it does spell the end of bloated, leviathan operating systems like Windows XP in its present form, and unless Microsoft is very nimble, it could spell the end of the Microsoft monopoly.

I agree – broadband frees us from the tyranny of bloated operating systems and faster processors. Put this one on your must read list.