The 3C Future

Broadband, or always on connections have brought together the three discrete components of our digital lives – content, computing and communications. I think the 3Cs together are helping shape the new era of comm-puting. Just like there are no telcos, and only commcos, there will be no discrete computing and communication in the future. What’s more important? The Cisco router or the genric server made by Dell or the content created by someone like me? I think the value is when they all work together to give a user experience, not possible before the dawn of the always on Internet. Ramesh Jain sums it up when he writes,

What is really happening is the convergence of Content, Communication, and Computing (CCC).  Much effort, both in business as well as in technology, has usually been concerned with one C only.  People who understand Content usually do not understand Communication or Computing that well and similar situation exists with people who understand communication or computing.  It is first time in history that the three are converging.  Most of the time one hears about the convergence of PC and TV or of Communication and Computing.  It is important, in my opinion, to consider all three Cs together to understand the implications of this convergence.