Tivo2Go, Barely

TiVo has certainly taken its sweet time delivering what it is calling TiVo To Go service. Right now it works in pretty simple way – software upgrade will allow TiVo to transfer shows to your laptop which runs Windows XP or Windows 2000. Other Win-versions, not supported. Yup, you still need a special software on your laptop. OS-X and Linux folks are out of luck. It works only with TiVo branded boxes and not with Direct TV boxes, which is pretty lame given that those guys are a big portion of TiVo’s customer base. I am pretty sure transferring files to your handheld, Treo or any other smart phone is not going to happen. A bit underwhelming so to speak this whole release. Here is why: in this age of companies like Orb Networks, Sling Media and Kinetic Tide, which stream content right off your drives, and/or can stream live television Tivo2Go seems so 1990s. Many think it is competition for those guys – not really. TiVo2Go is a static 2-Go solution. (Full story over on Wired.com)