Mac Mini, a Fixed Mobile PC

macmini1.jpgMac Mini, the cheapest mac ever has been introduced and it clearly is a powerhouse. It is better than a iBook 14 inch and is competitively priced to some of the equally powered Windows machines. Scoble thinks it is a tad more expensive than machines sold in Wal-Mart. Same logic as why is Toyota more expensive than Kia. I don’t think Apple is going to get many switchers for the device is priced $100 too much. That doesn’t meant it is not a great little computer.

Regardless, I think we are not looking at Mac Mini for its true potential. I think with this device, Apple might just have invented a new product category – the fixed mobile PC. Unlike a lot of us who jet around the country lugging around a laptop everywhere we go, there is a vast majority of people, who leave their homes early in the morning, get in their car, drive to work, where they boot up their computers and get to work. And then they do the reverse commute in the evening, and boot up their home computers. In other words, they are trying to sync home-and-work computing lives. Now with this tiny tot of a Mac, you can simply unplug and take your computer to go. It is light enough, small enough to become a fixed mobile PC.

Now think of Mac Mini as a “home media server.” Last month when rumors were flying thick and fast, Jonathan Greene very rightfully pointed out the true potential of this device. Mac Mini is perfect sitting next to your Sony FlatScreen TV. I think just like an iPod economy sprang up around the hit digital device, it is time for peripheral makers to bring to market add-ons like TV connectors, remote control modules and the sort. Elgato can turn your Mac Mini into a nice TiVo replacement. All it needs is a little imagination.