Move over PC Cards, here comes ExpressCards

PC Cards are the workhorses of the mobile professional using a laptop, offering ways to do such diverse things as add a cellular modem, add WiFi or Bluetooth, and a host of other things.  The standard has evolved over the years to become a rock solid performer in a small package.  C/NET is reporting today that the next standard is moving forward to replace the PC Card form and we should start seeing OEMs begin adopting this new standard, the ExpressCard, rather soon.  In typical computing standards the new ExpressCard will be half the size of PC Cards yet offer twice the speed, and the smaller size means lower costs to OEMs who are always looking for a way to remain competitive in such a cut-throat business.  Six to ten notebooks that incorporate the ExpressCard slot are expected to start showing this month with a number in production by the end of the year.