Covad’s very simple VoIP

Its like VoIP minus the headaches. Covad Communications has started pushing a new VoIP solution that doesn’t need any special gear in your house. I had written about this but can’t seem to find the link. Maybe I need one of them Google boxes. A simple phone, jacks into the plain old phone hack, and Covad does all the mumbo-jumbo in their central office. It is a local and long-distance UNE-P replacement service. This is like regular phone service, except its packetized voice. This could be the turbocharger VoIP needs. I am assuming, Covad will wholesale it to its resellers, which means Speakeasy might have this. Maybe time to port my phone # over to them finally. Also this is a big one for Nokia and Zhone, who are trying to upstage Alcatel I guess. Meanwhile, Mike gets my best headline of the day vote for : I can’ believe its not POTS VoIP.