Battle of the Unlocked VoIP Routers

Michael Robertson, if nothing, knows how to get a new disruptive business model going. You know he is the and guy. Making music industry mad, picking fights with Bill and these days with Skype, he is just a fun guy. So yesterday, his company announced that it was launching an “unlocked” VoIP router. The router is made by D-Link. Unlocked, like in cell phones that work on any GSM network at the flick of a SIM card. “First VoIP Router From Top Tier Networking Company With No Monthly Fees Goes On Sale At SIPphone,” the press release screamed. But looks like Michael might have gone overboard this time. Boston-based Zoom claims that’s not true because it has been selling its ZoomTel products “unlocked since their release last summer, and the products are available in Comp USA, Fry’s, Micro Center, …, as well as retail outlets abroad.”

Zoom has always worked with any VoIP service, as well as providing our own through our Global Village service, and has always been useage based  – Zoom doesn’t require customers to sign up for a monthly plan or other lock-ins like other providers require.  Every other service provider asks users to pay a monthly fee for the “privilege” of having VoIP – Zoom’s rates are comparable to others but we don’t lock our customers into our service, let alone a monthly commitment. 

Now I know the market is getting crowded, and getting mind share even more fifficult, but this was just too much fun to pass up on!