Why Indian Kids won’t buy iPods

Rashmi Bansal, a journalist based in Bombay has started a blog focussing on Indian youth, and appropriately calls it Youth Curry. Given that India has more young people than old people (ala US in the 1950s) this is a good spot to monitor the trends there, and how possibly they impact the US companies. (More on this from Business 2.0). In her debut post, Bansal argues that iPod is unlikely to find much market in India. Not even the cheaper iShuffle. instead Indian kids will be listening to their bhangra riddims on their cell phones.

iPods may be objects of curiosity – even desire – but at a price band of Rs 19-25,00 ($430-550) the Ipod is still a a tech toy for Pajero puppies (rich kids) and celebs who need something to talk about in interviews. Although young India wants to buy into cool, it is unwilling to pay the kind of premium for it that’s acceptable in other countries … is apparently releasing a 512 mb version called the “shuffle” for Rs 7000. But in my view, unless it adds on a phone capability (like the Palm has done in response to PDA enabled phones) most young people in India will go for Mp3 cellphones.