EarthLink goes MVNO

On the heels of yesterday’s announced victory cash settlement against spammers, EarthLink today announced it is launching a new business partnership with South Korea’s SK-Telecom. From the Press Release:

Utilizing emerging 3G networks and harnessing the explosive growth of Wi-Fi, SK-EarthLink will take the wireless experience in the U.S. to a new level.”

Well, it would appear that somebody just might, one day, make my 2004 Xmas wish happen. Here’s another description of what this dream device ought to be, from BBB’s last article on SIP:

One day we will have WiFi SIP-capable Communications Devices. Imagine your computer and helper device being replaced with one wireless communications device, with a very simple interface which emphasizes the human beings we’re looking to reach, not the means by which we’re trying to reach them. Based on the environment the device lives-in, it should know whether to use SIP to save us money, or go through our GSM or 3G carrier. When using the SIP protocol, the device should be able to interact with other SIP devices that may or may not have Video capability, and adapt the conversation mode accordingly. Steve Jobs, this paragraph belongs to you.

There’s also a nifty video

News submitted by Chris Holland.