Michael Robertson presents Mp3Tunes

MP3.com founder Michael Robertson is back in the music business, and this time he is peddling DRM free MP3 tunes at 88 cents a song, obviously taking a swipe at all the other music download services including iTunes which limit the music downloaded legally to a fixed number of computers, and devices. The new service is inspiringly named (eyebrows lifted with irony!) MP3tunes. “I don’t want a world where every piece of music or every device I buy has a fruit logo on it,” Robertson said, referring to Apple. Sure, but most of the people will be buying his tunes and playing them back on a fruity little thing called iPod. He is also planning a new device called MP3beamer, which is sorta like most other music streaming devices that act as a bridge between a computer and a home stereo system. Meanwhile, Napster to go is now available. Associated Press writer Alex Viega asks the important question: do you buy music or do you rent it? I think the answer is obvious, but iPod rivals are taking the rental route.