One Gigabit to the home

Hong Kong residents can now get 100 megabits per second to their homes over an Ethernet-based connection, according to Cisco. The service has been launched by Hong Kong Broadband Network. It is the first enterprise-class broadband access network adapted for the mass residential market in Hong Kong. HKBN also plans to deploy the world’s fastest residential 1Gbps (1000Mbps) service by June 2005, building on the existing Cisco IP infrastructure. HKBN will be offering Voice, Video-on-Demand, IP-TV, and pure data access over its network. HKBN passes through 1.2 million homes pass. It plans to expand to 1.8 million homes pass, which is more than 80 percent of total homes in Hong Kong, and to 1,500 commercial buildings. At least 90 percent of HKBN’s total homes pass is expected to be serviced by self-owned fiber by mid-2005. Similar to the 100Mbps service, HKBN’s 1Gbps service, which is scheduled for release by June 2005, will be delivered through HKBN’s existing in-building Category 5e copper-block wiring. No additional fiber will be needed within the buildings.