Digitial LifeStyle is Not Cheap

I have seen my expenditure on connectivity and other elements of digital lifestyle going up slowly. The last item to be added to this list is for “place shifting” services such as Orb Networks, which I wrote about in Business 2.0 about three months ago. Surely when these type of services come online, I will sign-up, perhaps in the line of duty. However, I wonder how many can actually afford the digital lifestyle. Even the very basic package could set you back by at least $150 a month. (Cell phone, basic digital cable and broadband plus a budget VoIP plan!) I also wonder if this is the case, is there an economic case for many digital lifestyle services being planned by one-and-all.


Ironically, that is as much money I spend on groceries every month. And that includes Ben & Jerry’s. Engadget readers had same spending habits and problems as me.