TI pushes hard on Video Phones

Video Phones, though still an arcane and niche market are getting some serious attention from the major players. Motorola and Texas Instruments are two giants pushing the video-over-IP phones really hard. Today, TI announced a new DSP which will hopefully improve the performance of the video phones, reduce the herky-jerky nature of videos and at the same time reduce the prices. In addition, the company has teamed up with Wintech Digital Systems and is releasing the Videophone Development Platform (VDP), a development platform for designing point-to-point IP-based videophone systems. Wainhouse Research projects that overall the personal videoconferencing market will grow from about $21 million in 2003 to just shy of $180 million in 2008, a compounded growth rate of about 53 percent. WorldGate Communications, makers of Ojo has signed on as a customer for the new chips.