Why I think Speakeasy Sucks

Okay guys – if you are in the market for a DSL service, let me tell you which company to avoid: Speakeasy. Last year in a bid to help a small company and support competition in the broadband market, I signed up with Speakeasy. The whole thing was supposed to be a free sign-up, except the little clause which basically said well if a certain day passed by, I would have to pay a whopping $200 or so for modem and other stuff. Then there was the regular fees – about $50 a month, and that’s fine. Now that was cool for sometime up until I noticed that SBC … yup the dreaded incumbent and monopoly…. was offering the same service speeds for about $40 a month. Comcast was offering twice as much speed at roughly that same price. I decided to switch to Comcast, and tried to cancel Speakeasy.

Since my year is not up, that means I will be hit by a $300 disconnection fee. Ironic… because SBC disconnection fees are a $100 less. In other words a monopoly is charging me less to switch. I did the comparison pricing on what Covad, the company Speakeasy uses to provide DSL services – its about $10 less than what Speakeasy is charging. Why? There is nothing exceptional about the service – it went down as much as the SBC service, the sales people are well equally blah!

Speakeasy says, they are broadband for open minds. How about Broadband for open wallets? Guys don’t make the mistake I made – DSL is DSL is DSL. Go with SBC or Earthlink!