Qualcomm: The Next Monopoly

Business 2.0: As the 3G revolution picks up steam, wireless pioneer Qualcomm may be poised for market dominance that even Bill Gates would envy. In this article I have tried to highlight the role of QCom in the wireless food chain, and if all goes to plan, then 3G will make it even richer. I look at the royalty payments, profits from sale of chips, and the real reason Qualcomm wins always – its unfettered devotion to the carrier and making the carrier richer. BREW and MediaFLO are just another way for company to keep the mega-carriers happy! (You can read the full article over at the Business 2.0 site. It is behind the wall, but if you subscribe to the magazine, you can access it now. If not a subscriber, just subscribe … the form is on the right hand column and its not that expensive!)