Saving TiVo Take Three

More suggestions coming form the blogsphere on how to save TiVo. Mr. Blog hisself, Jeff Jarvis suggests more things TiVo could do. He sums it up best, when he says, TiVo should become the anti-cable.

Let us download, store, organize, and serve media from both cable and — this is the important part — the internet. Let us use it for BitTorrents, podcasts, recorded satellite radio shows, recorded broadcast radio shows, MovieLink et al movies, Audible stuff, MP3s, my pictures: anything. Make it a place for my stuff.

Fred Wilson thinks TiVo should

Get into the content aggregation business ala Akimbo and others to provide programming on this device.

I identified Matt as the writer of PVRBlog response. Actually It was George Hotelling who wrote this post. My apologies to George and readers for tardiness. I am going to try and sum it all up when all responses to the piece come in, and write an aggregate post. PS: Is blogsphere, the open source McKinsey?