Lights, Action… Flickr

Ever since I posted the story about Flickr-Yahoo deal over on Business 2.0 site, there have been many reactions and more tips. First of all, I think Kris’ idea of starting a pool – fantastic. Of course there is the non-denial denial from Caterina over on the Flickr blog. Is she is denying the deal? If that’s the case, then come out and say so. Just deny it! I dropped her and Stewart a note, and they did not reply or deny anything. Still, I think her non-denial denial makes me wonder. Her post might be an attempt to manage the negative reaction of some Flickr users. I also heard that there was a VC who wanted to invest in the company and have offered about $7 million for 40% stake in the company. Clearly, photo sites are hot if VCs are willing to drop that kind of change. I have heard that Flickr rival Fotolog has received a substantial cash infusion from VCs as well. I am sure Buzznet will be up for grabs soon as well.