Dumb Telus & Blocked Ports

Update: Upon re-reading the story, I have corrections. They are blocking incoming ftp and IRC connections, and they are no explicitly blocking Bit Torrent and other P2P traffic, though they can. As Mike points out, they are letting you set up an FTP, email or IRC server, which isn’t that crazy. Apologies for the tardiness – it was late in the evening. Thanks Mike. Broadband Reports points out that Shaw Cable is blocking BitTorrent traffic using a switch from Ellacoya Networks.

Broadband providers do a lot of dumb things, but Canadian phone company Telus takes the cake. If you are a residential broadband customer who pays $30 a month, you can’t FTP or use IRC with your service. If you were using broadband for anything other than downloading web pages super fast and check email, well don’t bother. However if you are a business customer, well its okay to use all these services for an extra $50 a month. In other words, Telus is blocking ports. Bit Torrent and eMule won’t work as well. Why do I get a feeling that this is going to be a common modus operandi of all incumbents, and they will start shutting down the ports, when we will, well not really have any use for their version of broadband.

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