Vonage Down?

Is Vonage out of whack? Just tried to make a phone call from my soft phone, but the system doesn’t seem to be working. Others on Broadband Reports Forum are also complaining of an outage. Anyone else experiencing that same issues? Not sure if it is a system wide outage. Many folks over on BBR forums are reporting problems from different area codes. Spoke with Vonage spokesperson who tells me it was a software upgrade last night that caused a glitch, for about 45 minutes or so. A patch seems to have fixed the problem. Still, just another example that VoIP has to go through a baking process before it is hardened into PSTN type quality.

Martin had predicted some of these problems. “Vonage will have to build out an infrastructure in proportion to the number of subscribers they receive. The incumbents already have their equipment and business support services in place and paid for: they only need cut back on operational costs,” he had said.

Light Reading adds: For some users, this isn’t the first outage this week, but it is the only network-wide problem reported. “What bothers me is the lack of information. We never found out what happened yesterday and here it happens again,” writes one poster on Broadband Reports.