New VoIP outage.. AT&T CallVantage this time

My previous equals dot.voip post has received expected reaction. Many of my pals skirted the issue. Well, I still believe folks we got a problem, and it is getting bigger. AT&T’s CallVantage is having an outage right now, with reports of out-of-whack service from Chicago, Florida and other locales around the United States. Irwin Lazar writes: While VoIP continues to take over the enterprise, it still faces serious issues as as a mass-market consumer technology, some of those we’re seeing first hand with Vonage’s major outage this past weekend.

Tom Evslin on Vonage outage: “’m a subscriber to and a fan of Vonage. I’ve blogged about their wealth of features, web-centric self provisioning, and virtual phone numbers. But I’m not a happy subscriber right now. Outages of at least the web site seem to have become more frequent lately. Customer service is not responding to email and phone wait times are more than an hour. The web site has reported that there are quality problems in some regions which the engineers are also ‘aware of and working to resolve.’” Nevertheless, I think Vonage could do a better job than it has been doing lately. If it can’t, then I’m confident that one of its many VoIP competitors will.