Will wireless USB kill Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is one of those technologies that promised the moon and then took a long time to get its act together.  It took several versions and iterations before it began to seriously provide the benefits that supporters promised but it finally has reached the point where users can get some real use of the technology.  It can still be difficult to get all your peripheral configurations working together but once it is set up properly works rather well.  But it appears it may be too late.

A new technology is about to roll out which appears may be a real Bluetooth killer.  Wireless USB is an extension of the prominent USB protocol that is designed to be used at ranges closer than 10 meters and transfer information at 480 mbps.  Wireless USB has two big advantages over Bluetooth- easy to set up and easy to use and will probably be widely accepted as soon as products start to appear on the market.  The protocol should be finished by the end of this month and consumer products are anticipated within the next 12 months.

(Linux News via engadget)