Tivo on PC? Bad Idea Dudes

TiVo is trying to move its experience to the PC, which is an inherently a bad idea.

Thomas Hawk: I have suggested in the past that TiVo needs to offer a software solution to run on the PC. They did not elaborate on what form this “TiVo branded PC experience” might take. Could this be a possible competitor to Microsoft’s Media Center PC? Might TiVo begin to sell a stand-alone software package that could be installed on a PC with a TV tuner card?

Microsoft tried to move the Apple experience to the PC, and well you know where we are at. Media Center PC is just that – TiVo on a PC. Despite best efforts it still doesn’t translate as well to a TV. TiVo is about time shifting TV. They should be looking to enhancing that experience and not trying to reinvent themselves on the desktop. TVHarmony puts it well. “The value, however, is in the entire hardware and software solution and the television experience you have using it from the comfort of your living room couch. It’s easy to setup, use, and it’s very reliable. That integration is very hard to do if you don’t control the hardware specs, OS, and other software competing for resources.”