So Much for AT&T VoIP

All the kings men, and all the kings horses …. looks like spending millions of dollars was not enough and despite its brand name, Ma Bell could only snare up 53,000 VoIP customers. The data was revealed in an SEC filing, according to I see some serious spin control coming out of NJ.

AT&T spokesman Gary Morgenstern said Thursday that the current tally doesn’t reflect the last four months of CallVantage sales, nor subscribers who have ordered the service but have yet to turn it on yet. He added that the company no longer markets this or any other home service. “AT&T is focused on a rational versus irrational (advertising) spend,” Morgenstern said. “We can’t justify high cost of (customer) acquisition like some of our competitors. We prefer to be more prudent.”

Given that we are basing this on a story on report, not exactly the news source of record, but still, amazingly muddled response from Ma Bell. Does this mean they are not going to be pushing CallVantage service anymore? Or does it mean, well AT&T would let new parent, SBC fight all the future (VoIP) battles. The retail VoIP space is hell, and if Ma Bell is cutting its losses right now and going wholesale, well good time to do so is now.