So who’s laughing now? The news of Yahoo and Flickr hooking up is finally official. Applause… and those of you who were laughing and ridiculing my exclusive.well happy millions. This right from the Flickr blog.:

Holy smokes, SOMEBODY out there is bad at keeping secrets!! Yes! We can finally confirm that Yahoo has made a definitive agreement to acquire Flickr and us, Ludicorp. Smack the tattlers and pop the champagne corks! Woohoo! What does this mean? It means that we’ll no longer have to draw straws to see who gets paid, schedule conjugal visits between trips to the colo….wait!

Jeff calls is safety strategy. I call it “New Road to Riches” which if you buy Business 2.0, you might have read last year. The new road is – build it, flip it, or in this case scream Yahoo! My sources tell me the price tag is close to $35 million, and not rumored $30 million.