Meet Dell-jit

Dell makes all these noises about cutting back on outsourcing, bringing back jobs to the US…. blah blah blah… we have had a bad experience there…. blah.. blah… blah! Well not really! Last week Michael Dell went over to India, to Mohali in particular which is suburb of beautiful Chandigarh, in the land of Punjab, … to open a call center. The company also has one call center in Banglaore and one in Hyderabad. Actually Dell at present employs about 7000 people in India, according to Sepia Mutiny writes:

We welcome Dell to the land of sardars in shades on scooters with sidesaddle Sikhnis, wax-tipped moustaches and mooli parantha. And we offer this unsolicited advice: the 12-step program for keeping your Punjabi workers happy is, the dhaba should be no more than 12 steps away.

Or as the translation goes, Paah ji, I am getting a Dell.