Digeo adds VoIP to set-top box

Moxi Phone LinkOnly last week we were predicting that VoIP ATAs would do a Houdini and vanish right in front of our eyes. Well set-top box maker Digeo has just added VoIP functions right into its box and will be selling it to customers like Charter Communications. Their set-top box is called Moxi, and and the VoIP service is called Moxi Phone Link. It allows folks who use the service to see incoming call info on their screens, while a small icon shows if there are any voice mails pending. (Right now the same old ATA stuff is going to be the way to go but next version of the box, which bundles the cable modem right into the box will not require an ATA and customers can simply plug their phones into a plain old phone jack, without having to bother with routers and ATAs etc!) Doesn’t look like company has any customers as yet. It is working with cable telephony start-up Cedar Point Communications, which provides the backend mojo. Cedar makes Safari VoIP/Media switching platform that allows VoIP calls over the HFC networks.