VoIP’s e911 Call for help

We have all heard about Texas suing Vonage over the whole issue of a 17-year-old not being able to make a phone call to the cops when her family home was being robbed. I guess, Texas is fair in saying that Vonage should have told that. Now most media reports indicate, and I personally checked it out, Vonage is quite upfront about 911, and lets customers know that they have to sign-up. It was actually on the dash-board the first time you sign-up. MIT Technology Review found out that indeed Vonage people let customers know about this right away.

Vonage spokesperson Brooke Schulz says the issue is muddled by the fact that “the 911 center technology is operated by the local phone carriers,” Technology Review writes, “and getting them to open up their technology to competitors has been challenging.”

“We’ve asked every phone company for access,” to 911 centers, says Schultz. “We’ve only received a response from Bell South. They want to talk with us but in the meantime they said to get a CLEC certificate — essentially become a registered phone company.” The only reason Vonage has a trial running in Rhode Island is because the state owns and operates their system, says Schulz.

Now whatever their reasons might be, 911 is something no one should take lightly. I think this is an issue where FCC needs to really step-up to the plate, and the politcos should get their act together and fix this problem…now. Other wise this is exact what happens. Listen!