Play Ball: Baseball2Go, Treo and Pocket PC

opening day baseballEvery March it is pretty much the same story – India and Pakistan are durking it out on the cricketing greens, contests so evenly contested that I lie awake at night watching the games on a puny computer screen on a borrowed PC laptop. And then just as suddenly, Baseball, my other favorite waste of time, kicks in. Its only a week before the boys of summer do their thing. Sure many are marred by the steroid scandal, but I still love the game nonetheless. I cannot wait to see Red Sox and Yankees go at each other. The new-look Oakland Athletics are going to be worth following, and of course, I am personally rooting for Jason Giambi to make a successful comeback. In anticipation of Baseball season, I have put together some apps that can help you follow the games a little better. Most of these are actually Palm OS based apps, so you can carry your obsession with you on your Treo, or in case you are a laggard, on your Palm.

If there are more for other platforms, do let me know. I am particularly interested in wireless enabled apps that can keep track of a fantasy league.