India going WiMAX

Indian ISP, DishNet is going to start selling fixed wireless services within 60 days in eight major metros and eventually bring the total number of cities served to 38. The service offering is going to range between 128 kilobits per second to a full megabit per second. Basic package is going to start at about $7 a month. Dishnet had already set up five WiMax base stations in Madras and around 150 customers to its existing (WiFi) services were already beta testing the fixed wireless service. Dishnet hopes that this will help boost the broadband penetration from current levels. Company estimates a measly 400,000 folks have broadband access in India right now. [More Here. ] Interestingly, Alcatel has formed an alluance with Indian telecom company C-Dot and will set up a WiMAX related research lab in India. Alcatel believes that broadband wireless and particularly WiMax is appropriate technology for India keeping in mind the requirements of the rural sector,” Ravi Sharma, president, Alcatel (South Asia) told Economic Times. “Coupled with engineering competence, India becomes a natural choice for setting up such a research centre.”