Pew Spewing Half Truths

Note to self: time to stop taking anything Pew people have to say seriously. I am surprised that how can such a well respected and established research group put out research report which even they don’t believe in. Yesterday, they used a colorful way of describing a trend – pod casting. They said that nearly six million folks might have heard a podcast. Everyone fell for it. I blogged about it, though was not entirely convinced.

Pew research director Mary Madden believes the numbers of people actually using the Internet to broadcast and/or download pods is smaller than the 6 million figure cited in the organization’s latest study, however. (Full report at NewsFactor)

If you are not convinced, then why send out a press release. I mean if you think about this, there is no difference between what Pew did and what Jack Grubman was preaching back in the telecom bubble. Half truths! I think we in the blogsphere should impose a 15-day ban on Pew, sort of like MLB and the whole steroids thing!