Tossing Their Tunes In The Ring

Ringtonia has linked to a Los Angeles Times article speculating on whether a ringtone could become a hit song. “The idea intrigues hip-hop artist and producer Lil Jon, who has seen several of his songs become top-selling ring tones in truncated form. “I could make a song for a cellphone that could go on the music charts,” he says. “That would be amazing.” Indeed it would be, considering that songs that are popular as ringtones are so because users want to remember or be identified with the song — I can’t imagine people listening to music because they wanted to be reminded of their mobile phone. True, some musicians have created ringtones, but they have tended to be fairly obvious as a ringtone and would be out of place anywhere else. The scary thing is that it’s possible a ringtone could become a hit song, even if the closest we’ve come so far is the Crazy Frog

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