Comcast Doesn’t Know Why The Outage

If you are the leading broadband company in the planet – nearly 7 million customers – then it doesn’t look good when you say we don’t know what is the real reason why there has been an outage in your broadband network. Excuse me… what kind of a shop are you running? reports Comcast spokeswoman as saying “We want our customers to know we are making every effort under the sun to address these issues.”

Though they don’t know exactly what the problem is, they know where it is, Comcast said: in a collection of computer hardware and software that directs Web surfers to their desired location. That system – called a domain name server – exists in two locations: Philadelphia and Denver.

The system was conked out for between three to six hours last Thursday night, and earlier on Tuesday. GigaOM readers are reporting more outages even now. “The very least we can do is withhold their outrageously high daily rates until they fix the problem and/or learn to shape up in the area of customer service,'” David W. Zuckerman, a research coordinator for an educational group in Baltimore, wrote in an e-mail to Associated Press.