Stoke-ing the Cellular+WiFi Fires

Last time I met with Randall Kruep, he was out pushing Procket Networks. And now he is heading up a new start-up, Stoke, which is building products that help cell phone networks play nice with WiFi networks. With funding from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins, the company is going to be out duking it out with the likes of Kineto Wireless, NewStep Networks, and BridgePort Networks. Of the lot BridgePort, which has the most traction, and I have heard mostly good things about them from my carrier contacts. So unless, Stoke has something unique, not sure if being this late to the game is going to reduce their chances. Cingular and T-Mobile are two carriers who have expressed interest in this kind of convergence, but the EV-DO backers Sprint and Verizon are lukewarm about this trent. C/Net has all the details.