WinSuperSite reviews OS X Tiger

Paul Thurrott is the Windows guru and source of advance looks at Windows operating systems and Microsoft programs but apparently he is also a closet Mac fan.  His site WinSuperSite has published a very good review of the next version (Tiger) of the Mac OS X operating system.  He seems to really like this new version (due April 29th, my brother’s birthday) and it’s a good read if you want to see what Apple will soon be offering.  Some highlights:

  • Spotlight- integrated desktop search
  • Safari- new version of the web browser now includes RSS support
  • iChat- AV chat
  • Mail 2 (what a bad name)- mail, second version


  • Dashboard- Konfabulator ripoff, doesn’t run on the desktop but a special window
  • iLife- not included
  • Price- $129