Forget, Meet Wists Visual Bookmarks

The ink on the funding papers is not even dry, and I can almost feel that we are onto the next big thing – visual bookmarks. David Galbraith, who has now defected to the right (coast) side of the country, aka New York, has told me, over countless Stellas, that people tend to click on visuals more often that just text links. And so convinced is he that he has started Wists, which I personally think is brilliant, and would roll it into my blog, if I could figure out how to do that, and if David’s servers were more reliable. I expect that this is an idea which is going to be imitated quite quickly. (Oh look there is Unlike the inherent lack of business model in (thus far… as per Fred Wilson who writes, ‘To be completely and totally honest, we don’t yet know,’) I believe Wists got game. Photo of my wish list with links back to – some pennies there. A full blown gallery of gizmos for say, and can you say hello dollars!

Someone sent me a link to this post on 37Signals blog. Apparently those guys are ready to launch something called Backpack that might have elements of visual bookmarking. Since I don’t have first hand information, and knowing how these guys have worked in the past, it could be a bigger app than simple visual book marks. It could be a lot more than just that, for these guys who did Basecamp and Ta-Da List are pretty nifty at cooking up nice micro-applications. They are proponents of Ajax as well. Expect magic.