WiMAX according to Intel, Arrives

After years of waiting, Intel’s finally going to put its silicon where its dollars are – in WiMAX. The company is going to announce Rosedale chip, that costs $45 to make and connects homes with fixed wireless networks tomorrow, according to Reuters.

Scott Richardson, general manager of Intel’s broadband wireless business, said Wimax equipment was probably too expensive now for wide adoption, but that Intel and networking equipment makers were working to push equipment costs below $200 from the $300 to $500 level.

Siemens and Huawei Technologies will announce products. Intel is going to have press events in Washington DC, Shanghai, and London in a massive PR offensive, and will likely announce plans for trials in India, the Philippines, Japan, South Africa and Russia. The marketing blitz makes you wonder if this time Intel’s finally figured out how to make a communication chip! Also, expect scores of headlines that say something line, WiMAX, like WiFi on Steroids. Oh never mind!