Naked DSL is here… almost

Verizon’s head honcho Ivan Seidenberg antagonized a lot of people yesterday with his comments in The San Francisco Chronicle. Given his previous comments about faith in wireless and its critical importance to Verizon’s future, I still find it hard to believe that he said what he said. His comments about muni wireless shouldn’t surprise anyone, after all he is running a publicly traded company with profit as a motive. Glenn, Esme, Mike… all had something to say. Just to point out, he was talking about a San Francisco Muni Network – which even I think is a dumb idea, and cheap political posturing by the mayor who instead of tackling the homeless problem wants to build a wireless network in the city. There are enough free WiFi networks in the city – all one has to do is look on JiWire.

And while that brouhaha was unfolding, Verizon announced that Naked DSL is going to be available in the North eastern territories once served by Nynex or Bell Atlantic. No need to subscribe to company’s voice service. Lets revisit this a year from now and see how many have take their voice off. Eventually naked DSL will be available all across Verizon territory.